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This is who we are

We are a vibrant, family run company set up over six years ago to help all those 'little darlings' who are away from home as students. We know what we're doing as we have had three of our own away at University and have taken lots of learnings and advice from them and their friends.

We are NOT a traditional hamper company offering dusty packs of shortbread and violet creams. We aim to offer students what they want and need…even if they don’t always know it.

Being away from home at University or college is often daunting. Many students have limited culinary skills or little idea how to budget. We don’t aim to provide the full solution. We do however hope to provide a variety of themed parcels which satisfy a need. This need may be a treat, may be a top up pack of essentials or a supply of that all so important safety equipment you forgot to pack them off with on that first day.

We take the quality of our goods very seriously. All our products are high quality brands which we have selected and tried. We feel it is very important to give them good quality, nutritious food as well as being quick and easy to prepare. You will see that many are artificial additive free and some are Gluten free.

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So get started now... create that wonderful surprise gift parcel for your 'little darling' and put a little joy in their day!