Something happening tomorrow?

results day

Is there something happening tomorrow? Could it be the big day for students up and down the country? We all know results day can be stressful, we’ve been there three times now! Whether things go as planned or a rethink is necessary it’s important to let students know you care. We’ve got a great selection…

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open for business


Just because we are in the depths of the student holidays doesn’t mean you cannot send a student gift parcel. We are still open for business through the holidays and offer a great range of gifts for students. So, if you know someone away on an internship, why not send them a parcel of love…

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graduation gifts

personalised picture frame

We’ve got a great range of graduation gifts available to make that extra special occasion memorable. Have a look at our personalised gift section for some great ideas. There’s photo frames, engraved blocks, bottles of champagne and many more great gifts to send someone who’s just graduating. A personalised gift makes it that little bit…

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School exams

school exam

The university exam season is nearly over and now we’re in the midst of school exams. Have you got a student away at school studying hard for school exams? If so our gift parcels are a great present for them to receive during their exams. Show them they’re not forgotten with one of our exam…

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21st celebration


Know someone who’s having a 21st birthday celebration? We’ve got a fantastic array of gifts in our create your own parcels which are perfect fro a 21st celebration. From our great Smiles gift cakes, boxes of Celebrations to these sweet little mugs. Perfect for anyone celebrating a 21st. They’re available as an add on to…

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Hurry now for our June offers


Welcome to June. The term is drawing to a close so we’ve got a couple of special June offers for you. Until 9th June we’re offering 15% off our most popular parcel. This is the create your own parcel. Let your imagination run riot & create your own special parcel for a student. You’ll need…

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The final push? Near the end of finals? There’s probably a few more exams or papers to go and then that’s it. The culmination of all those years of studying (& partying?) hard. So, if you know some one in the final week of finals why not send them a Student Gift Parcel. It will…

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Pizza delivery?


Well, we’ve branched out here at Student Gift Parcel into pizza delivery. Not your average pizza though. These are from Chupa chups and are a mini candy pizza. Just right for making that student night in a little bit special. Whether they’re still cramming away at revision or celebrating the end of exams this pizza…

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Offers galore

special offer

We’re a generous lot here at Student Gift Parcel HQ. We have an offers section which we regularly update with relevant offers. These are often to reflect national weeks such as vegetarian or coeliac awareness. Have you looked at our add ons though? Beneath nearly all our parcels (we can’t do it on the personalised…

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handwritten message


At this difficult time when they’re hard at work, what better than receiving a handwritten message? It could help them to make it through exams or a difficult revision week, it could cheer them up or much more. A handwritten message is sure to bring a smile to any student’s face. We write them for…

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